Top 30 FPS with offline bots


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  1. Never heard of this far cry 2. I have heard of malaria simulator though. I think those games might have been similar

  2. Its too vad this is PC only I was under impression by the title that it was all inclusive. 
    Otherwise I’d add:
    Unreal Championship 2: the Liandri Conflict(you have varied attacks you can do when you’re not firing, and not just pistol whipping or rifle bashing, they really fleshed out the melee attacks and you can block and redirect incoming gunfire with a well timed block)
    and iirc Bloody Good Time(though it kind of is an fps mishmashed with the sims its not open world though)

  3. Really i know people hate on Call of Duty, but not one Call of Duty game? this series since Black Ops 2 (not counting the deathmatch only bots of BO1) has had full bot support every game, they even added it into MW Remastered…these bots are act like players, realistic movement and can do all objective games. plus split screen play in most of them.

    Bash it as much as you like but COD really supports offline gamers.

  4. FPS game with bot alway fun and ever no matter how old is it.
    Additional game that i recomend
    2.Neon shadow( Stream version)
    4.DOOM(practice mode)
    5.Quake 4 (Sabot mod)
    game with offline bot never get old.Bot always fun they never cheating,noob tube,cursing,annoying,rage quit
    They always ready to battle and give infinite replay value.
    Love u AI gaming.I am the one who love bot so much.I wish quake champion will have offline bot

  5. PC head get a PS3 and stop messing about. :/ Geeze Louise already! Get with the times!

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