Top 5 Destiny 2 PVP Multiplayer Tips


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  1. competitive is fukn retarded. People just sit at the back of the map and team shot. and if one side is getting raped most people leave, coz they dont wanna ruin their "kd" and u get left with uneven teams coz u cant join in a recurring competitive match. Not to mention the radar is retarded asf, how the fuk you can go invis but still get seen on the radar. when ur crouching u can still get seen on the radar. wheres the playlists for no radar

    its fukn retarded

  2. PVP tips:

    1. Teamshot
    2. Shoot with your team
    3. Stick together with the rest of your team and shoot at the same person
    4. Shoot the opponent that the rest of your team is shooting at
    5. Attach yourself to the hips of your teammates and shoot together

  3. Destiny 2 PVP can at times be very very best boring because the higher time to kill. Games are now just camp feasts and people just bunching up to team shot you. The grenades doing no damage and you can't get pick offs takes the skill out of the game. I had a game finish 27-25 in control.

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