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Today we take a look at what I think are the Top 5 Must Have Mods for ARK: Survival Evolved! #ARKTop5Mods #ARKMustHaveMods

● Structures+ :
● Builder’s Helmet :
● Super Spyglass :
● Dino Pickup :
● Upgrade Station :

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  1. Blueprint Station is actually overpowered as hell and is the most used between that, upgrade station, and augment station and here's why.
    1) Use Upgrade Station to convert item into Ramshackle item or Find a Ramshackle variant. (example I'll use is Crossbow – regular – 100% damage)

    2) Use Blueprint Station to create a Blueprint of Ramshackle item. (Becomes Ramshackle Crossbow – 115% damage)
    3) With a high crafting skill, go craft the blueprint and it will produce the same item but with higher stats – (Ramshackle Crossbow – 195% damage)
    4) Go back to Blueprint and Blueprint the new Crossbow. (Creates Blueprint Ramshackle Crossbow – 195% damage)
    5) Toss old blueprint, use new blueprint and craft cross bow. (Creates Item: Ramshackle Crossbow – 565% damage)
    6) Blueprint new item and it creates blueprint (Blueprint Ramshackle Crossbow – 565% damage)
    7) Toss old blueprint and create a new crossbow (Creates Ramshackle Crossbow – 755% damage) (755% damage is the highest it can go regardless of whether it's Ramshackle or Ascendant)
    8) Blueprint this crossbow and now you have a Blueprint that creates a max damage crossbow at a very cheap price to make. Ramshackle BPs are way cheaper than Ascendant and the cost to make never changes from the first time you make the blueprint to the last.
    9) This applies to Armor, weapons, tools, saddles, Wyvern Stones.

  2. My top mods are:

    HG Stacking (Any tbh, as long as it stacks over 500)
    Any Reusable Mod, I prefer ToolsEvolved
    Classic Flyers
    Super Spylass
    Better Beacons

  3. that fucking female dear just got you a like sir XDXD hilarious! for real though, good little video. If you play ark and haven't used structures+, stop what you're doing and go download it now 🙂

  4. I'm all good with S+ and Builders Helmet, but the rest?
    Well…they feel a little bit too cheaty imo. Takes away too much of the experience you go through on Ark.

  5. Am I the only one that prefer playing games unmodded? making things easier and more convenient just seems like cheating to me

  6. Your speech is like you wanna say something but you can't lol.
    Btw who cares it is actually good video!

  7. Thank you for explaining mods that most people already know. I am watching this as a Xbox Player and are seriously considering buying this game on PC again (and I mean Steam PC, not Xbox Play Anywhere on PC. We don't have mod support there, even "on PC"). So I knew nothing about any mods – thats the reason I came here. Thank you. This all sounds great!

  8. If you have Structures+, why would you need the Building Helmet mod? S+ has the demo gun that allows you to pick up items (even non-S+) as you demonstrated. Seems redundant. Main thing seems to be the "prevent pickup" if it would cause destruction. Also, dino pickup would be redundant if you have Extinction DLC due to cryopods + cryofridges. S+ also has a similar but better option for dino storage called Vivariums that allow for dinos to be in storage and still produce eggs.

  9. am i the only one having this problem, i used to have ark for a short time bc everytimei would play it the game would crash but i would get 90+ fps when i would load into a world and all of the sudden it crashes and i had to refund it is there a fix for this, i adjusted my page files but that was after i refunded ark can anybody help i have a gtx 1060 with 8gb of ram

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