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  1. Imo this is the most boring way to play the game…whats the fun in hiding away from everyone? It takes the fun out of the win

  2. The best way to get better is to challenge whenever you can to improve your accuracy and to become more calm and collected when you get in to a situation where you might die yeah you won't win by doing this at first cos you will be bad and loose gun fights but you will become a better player and get more kills and also the wins if not high leaderboard placement

  3. I don't like some of them fighting is fun that's why I play if I were u and just landed in no mans land and didn't fight to the very end I'd be so bored plus early game fighting hypes me up and helps my aim

  4. Finds first sniper ever :O finnaly! i can be a sniper! Gets shot by the bolt-action sniper rifle NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  5. I would say it is good practice to go to high populated area´s for warm up ,and to get used to the aiming in this game, when you are new to the game.

  6. guys will the fortnite battlegamemode be free for the ps4 after the 26th september or will the whole game plus survival thing be free ? would appreciate an answer

  7. MK Tip 1 is braindead
    Tips 2 and 3 are for pussies

    Got a 10 k win on my 4th game, Plz dont tell noobs to camp, they wont get better at the game.

  8. tip#1 go play the other games fortnite ripped off(you know which 1s I'm talkin about)……..that is all

  9. Push against the cliff to slide not fall. Land on roofs, takes less time for you to get in a roof then for them to collect stuff & get to you. Crouch under trees n shrubs n watch, don't shoot. Use common sense.

  10. More tips:
    – try to watch where people land
    – the first EotS (Eye of the storm) comes slow, the 2. can overtake you and the 3.+ is relative slow again

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