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  1. Im having trouble with mine, im typing in Player.Additem 0000000F 100 and nothing happens, It just puts under it "GetItemHealthPercent >> -1.00"

  2. wheres tgm? god mode is the way to go. I love how this is only for PC. because u know… thats the beauty of PC gaming.

  3. No collision cheat also helps a lot if you want to build some actual seamless buildings and fences all over the place, just saying. Really does allow you to make everything look prettier if you into that kind of things.

  4. For cheats my favorite for changing anything to do with stats is modav vs setav. it adds/subtracts a stat and the stat will still go up/down based on leveling and perk changes. of all the stats I sometimes find myself changing "carryweight" with that you can technically set how much inventory you can carry impossibly high and never be encumbered again.

  5. I only use the following command which is usefull…I set my character's max weight to 15000 to not get overencumbered anytime soon…so you will not need to give your companion your stuff to carry around…player.modav carryweight 15000

  6. Most of the console commands from Skyrim will work in Fallout 4.

    less of a cheat and more of a fix when you get stuck in terrain.

    will unlock containers and computers.

    Dump all your garbage into a container, open console, select container and use this command to remove all that stuff from the game and recycle their refIDs. Do note – this command can also be used thusly "player.removeallitems" to empty your character's inventory.

    player.removeitem <baseID> <number>
    Functions like player.additem except the item is removed. Useful for quest items that weren't removed when you completed the quest.

  7. ALSO, <tmm 1,0,1> Gets you all locations MARKED on you map, buy you still have to go ti them to unlock fast travel :)

  8. If you don't want to cheese the game but make it less tedious the command which lets you set your weight limit is super useful. I always think carry limits in games is super annoying and pointless

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