Top Ten Worst Kingdom Hearts Bosses Part 2


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  1. After playing through DDD and fighting the Wargoyle, let me just say: He was pitifully easy. His only challenging fight is the rematch at Traverse Town, and that is only because the arena is small and cramped. To say I disagree with putting him on this list at all, and not Vanitas Remnant, let alone putting him above Young Xehanort, is an understatement.

  2. oh boy a reminder of why kh 3d should be purged by fire, retarded gameplay, plot (as usual) and riku telling Quasimodo to not care about the exterior, hypocrite sephiroth spawn!!!

  3. In DDD, I have to say the Spellican is one of the more annoying bosses, really because of the time you have to go through in Flow Motion to knock him off his broom and warp to the battle field. Thats literally it about the Spellican.

  4. I agree except for young xehanort. It was challenging but fun and I felt proud after I beat it, not annoyed.

  5. Wargoyle is one of my favourite bosses in DDD
    I was sad that It couldn't have been Frolo…
    but I did enjoy the boss a lot.
    and the song is one of my favourite songs in DDD
    (I'm sorry guys that calm feel to it just makes it so appealing to me XD)
    But I dunno
    different people see different things.
    like, for instance, Vanitas Remnant is the top of my list, due to his bullshit commands and BBS's flawed command style system.
    but hey, enjoyed the countdown 🙂

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