Trey Parker Matt Stone Acid at Oscars

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  1. Hey I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has watched and enjoyed
    this vid. I originally put it up to show one friend and thought I had it
    set to private. Apparently I didn’t and it’s now sneaking up to a million
    views. Awesome! 

  2. These guys are awesome honestly most people are just full of shit then
    there are the rare honest ones that don’t give a fuck, thats matt and trey.

  3. Sacha Baron Cohen was recently going to go to the oscars dressed as one of
    his characters and they said they had undercover guards all over the place
    to kick him out if he did because it would ‘undermine the sanctity of the
    academy awards’ what fucking bullshit hahaha they legit think it’s a holy
    event or something. 

  4. Haha shit, sitting through the Oscars while coming down, that has to be
    torture. Exhausted and 100000 billion thoughts running through your head.
    These guys are insane.

  5. I wish you heard more about their antics in Hollywood. A little “dose” of
    reality, in a sea of fake.

  6. Yeah that transitioning phase from going into one environment into another
    is HUGE. Literally words cannot describe the feeling of not wanting to
    move. Even just getting up from sitting down is a really big deal, lol. I
    can’t even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to know there’s
    going to be thousands of people out there solely looking at how crazily
    you’re dressed, and then having to actually open that door and go out and
    talk to people without freaking out.

    I’m very impressed. The courage and pure balls of that must have been huge.

    Edit: Plus, Sheen lasts for like 13-16 hours, so they were Sheening that
    whole time and then some, lol. 

  7. sure when THEY drop acid and walk around in a dress they are “geniuses” but
    when I do it I get arrested. SMH

  8. LSD is amazing. Must have taken some doing to hold it together in an
    environment like that whilst tripping their tits off haha 

  9. Imagening beeing in Irland now, where ALL this products are legal for
    hm…..24 hours!

  10. I got a (flashback?) rush when Matt was talking about “transitioning”. I
    remember going in and out of the house/trains/nightclubs whilst “tripping”.
    The idea of getting out of a limo into a horde of cameras and microphones
    would be almost unbearable. A legendary feat.

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