Truth tokens and other stuff I buy thanks to the people I watch on youtube.


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Truth tokens and other stuff I buy thanks to the people I watch on youtube.was extracted from


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  1. Great Vid, SSH – I love your enthusiasm and support of others. I also
    watch and click on everyone’s ads.. it takes little effort and I know it is

  2. Yeah I click on ads to help people out, doesn’t hurt much to click on an ad
    and see what they are offering.

  3. Ad’s seem to help folks out so I usually let them play a bit or click on
    them. For me personally, I don’t like to use them on my video’s.
    Good info on the buying & selling.. I agree, people have less purchasing
    power these days, but they still buy stuff they like. Gotta buy it from
    someone. Why not you or other Youtubers? Darth might know something about
    the rock from Peru. Preservation of Wealth has helped me a bunch! Thanks
    for the shout out ! Cheers Dana !

  4. Great video, i love seeing what others are buying & have got inspiration
    for some of my purchases through seeing what others have bought. I just
    have a nasty habit of giving away my silver through YT but maybe one day
    i’ll turn that around. lol

  5. I also like Don’s Chanel. I’m sticking with silver and hope to add more
    gold. I hope those other metals work out for you.

  6. It sounds like you are having fun, and enjoying the total Youtube
    experience. Good for you, I saw the vid of you wearing the Rawdog fashion,
    and it cracked me up.

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