Tunngle : how to play DIRT 3 multiplayer (PATCH v1.2 new) tutorial

Filename: dirt3multiplayercrack.exe

FileSize: 23 MB

Free dirt3multiplayercrack is ready for download

Tunngle : how to play DIRT 3 multiplayer (PATCH v1.2 new) tutorialwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15723


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  1. I hear the "working and "transfer complete" but when I join a session it says you lost your connection to the session

  2. when I play on LAN and when I join a server it works but when I press done it says you lost your connection and some shit BTW I'm using the teknoxlive

  3. yes……but u may need to have latest updates in some cases ..dont worry ..refer to help withing tunngle lobby for this game (its somewhere on the right side)

  4. sometimes it crashes when i am playing an lan match on tunngle, i am using tehno gods beta 21

  5. for me all right up to the minute 2:23, after which I get a connection error and will not let me enter the game.
    I have dirt 3 1.2 (cracked).
    I tried both the teknogods beta 21 that teknogods beta 22, I tried the TeknoXlive (with latter 'but I crash the game after it has been made ​​the DLL Injector)
    I state that I tried to make everything as administrator, and tried as a normal user, but unfortunately I get the error I mentioned above. does anyone have any idea on how to fix it? thanks

  6. When I go to local network it says that my internet connection isnt plugged or like something like that!! Plizz help me

  7. Injector crashes my game and GFWL doesn't show up. If anyone can help me that'd be nice!

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