[Tutorial] How to hack Dead By Daylight 1.8.2 Items/Cash 2017 [PATCHED]

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Hello guys! LordLethal aka (tehgamingplatypus) is back with a new video!

Heres a tutorial by me hacking Dead by Daylight

[IMPORTANT] You need NetFramework 4.5.2 to run it.
[Net.Framework LINK] https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42643

Search for the number 381210 where your main Steam folder is located, not the SteamLibrary.
The Directory is this 🙂
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\RANDOM NUMBER1210\remote\ProfileSaves

You need to do this method while the game is closed for it to work.

With the savegame editor you can add Items to your inventory and edit cash value but it doesnt go further than 1M.. [Tip for the 1m trouble:- Do it everytime you are out of cash]

[LINK FOR HACK] https://mega.nz/#F!cuAh2JyS!xrlzApZO0k9vA_Yipjjl3A

To hack the item values you have to go to your character tab in the hack suppose e.g: Nea then you can see your item list and the values. Simply change the values to whatever you want.. Save the file and rejoin the game and boom!

Q. Doesn’t work
A. It’s because you have no idea what you’re doing you dumbass. 😉


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  1. I followed your steps.Did it while watching the video and it didn’t work so it’s funny how your trying to say that it’s working but we don’t know how to do it!😂

  2. Im not that active please don't ask much questions, it'll take time to check look at the comments and replies you might get your answers to your question guys.

  3. i did errything correctly but dbd is not reading my profile safe and it says its not valid.. does that mean that i lose my safe now? if i did RIP 950 hrs dud

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