TweakBox App Download for iPhone|iPad|Android|Windows|Mac


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TweakBox App Download for iPhone|iPad|Android|Windows|Mac
TweakBox for iPhone and iPad:
TweakBox for Android:
TweakBox for Windows:
TweakBox for Mac:

TweakBox Apps & Games
TweakBox is an unofficial appstore that offers apps and games that not only works on the iPhone; it also works on Android devices.tweakbox

Tap the install button below, and download the app directly on your phone.

TweakBox App Download for iPhone|iPad|Android|Windows|Mac

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TweakBox for iPhone and iPad:

Supported iOS Versions:

iOS 12 ( upto iOS 12.3.1 )
iOS 11 ( upto iOS 7 )
iPad ( all models )
Android users can also download APK files from TweakBox app. More details in the download button below.

Android APK
TweakBox for Android:

Microsoft Windows PC and Mac OSX users can now also download TweakBox apps and games on their desktop and laptop computers.

Windows PC
TweakBox for Windows:

TweakBox for Mac:

TweakBox App Download for iPhone|iPad|Android|Windows|Mac

How to Use TweakBox App:
Using the app really is very easy.

1. Find the app icon on your home screen and tap to open it
2. Now you will see a menu bar, choose the ( Apps ) button and tap on it tweakbox app
3. Now you will see a list of the Category; navigate to the one you want to download tweakbox app category
4. Tap on INSTALL and follow any instructions on the screen to download and install your chosen app or game
5. If you get the ( Untrusted Developer ) message, then follow the linked tutorial and TRUST the developer and start using the app.

Why Download TweakBox App?

When you are already running iOS 12 on your iPhone which is a feature-rich mobile operating system, why would you want to download Tweak Box app?

To understand this, we must first understand the fact that TweakBox is an unofficial app store ( read About ) that allows the 3rd party apps and modified games that do not get past the strict guidelines of Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. This makes Tweak Box Store a haven for 3rd party Unofficial Apps.

Faster Than other App Installers:
Tweak Box is 19% faster than its closest competitor, and 91% faster than Cydia, which is the original jailbreak app store for iPhone since 2008.

tweakbox app download speed graph

100% Safe to Use:
tweakbox quality check

Every app on the Tweak Box store goes through a 3-stage quality check. Apps are first tested continuously for stability by app developers themselves; then they are beta tested by experienced users on the official Reddit channel. We do one final check before adding it to our appstore, letting only suitable apps pass the test. The official Twitter page is the fastest source of reporting rouge and non-working apps.

Top Features:
TweakBox offers many different apps and games, all placed into Categories so you can search and access them much easily

-App Store Apps – iOS appstore apps and games
-Exclusive Apps – Best emulators, movie apps, screen recorders, and more.
-Tweaked Apps – Modified versions of favorite apps
-Modified Games – iOS and Android games with in-game credits, all free to download

Works on iOS 12:
iOS 12 is the latest version of iPhone firmware from Apple, bigger and better than anything released before. Apple has security features throughout every part of iOS 12, but because Tweak Box does not require to access the root system of iOS, it is much safer and much easier to install and run on your device, without worrying about your device warranty being voided.

Can you think of anything better than this?

No Jailbreak Needed:
Not needing Cydia means that anyone can use TweakBox app without going through the complicated process of iPhone “jailbreak” or Android “rooting”, both of which invalidate your device warranty.

How to Stop TweakBox App Revokes:
Tweak Box is a great Cydia alternative for iOS users, and if you use it, you should think about using a VPN service too. TweakBox is a 3rd-party app store, so Apple will revoke your free Enterprise app certificate very often, making it stop working every now and then. With a VPN tool, you can prevent this from happening. A VPN service protects your app certificates, stopping them from being revoked, so you can use your apps and games uninterrupted.

TweakBox App Download for iPhone|iPad|Android|Windows|Mac

TweakBox for iPhone and iPad:
TweakBox for Android:
TweakBox for Windows:
TweakBox for Mac:

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