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In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how install tweakbox to your iPhone or Android 100% for free! Tweakbox is an application that you can download to your mobile device that gives you access to apps that are not available on your phones App Store! So today I’ll be showing you how to successfully download tweakbox to your phone! Tweakbox is 100% safe to use, there is no malware, viruses and it doesn’t cause any security risks at all! So if you’re curious as to how to get Tweakbox on IOS/Android this is the tutorial for you!

If you are wanting to successfully get Tweakbox it is very important that you correctly and carefully complete all of the steps shown in the tutorial, if even one step is done wrong you will not be able to get access to Tweakbox so make sure you take your time and do everything as I show you how to do it in the tutorial. The steps take a maximum of five minutes, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for you to complete!

If you’re having any trouble at all with either the steps or getting tweakbox to download on to your mobile device, please comment down below that you’re in need of some help or you can simply write your social media username and I will personally reach out to you and I will walk you through the steps on how to get tweakbox! I really hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful! I’ll see you in my next tutorial!


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  1. If you are having issues with this process for some reason do the following:
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    💠 Comment below "I want the tweakbox download" and drop your social media so I can DM you.

    After you do it, I will guide you through the process via DM's and make sure you get a code. 😃

  2. Incredible this works like a charm. Thanks man. I would love to have the MacBook because I’m starting nursing school and I would love to have it for my research and my school projects. If I win this MacBook it would make my year.🙂

  3. I tried and it worked perfect, thank you very much for sharing this excellent method. A great video … Thank you.

  4. It was really easy! and I got Tweakbox free! thanks for all your amazing tips brother 👍

    thanks for sharing

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