Tweakbox Revoke?/My Apps Disappear When I Install From Tweakbox?/Unable To Install Error


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Tweakbox Apps show up gray/disappear & will not install. Cydia Alternatives are having a revoke type glitch where Apple didn’t revoke the Certificates but Tweakbox apps refuse to install. I explain alternatives to install your favorite apps from Tweakbox but from another source. Most iPhone’s/iPad’s on iOS 12/13 may be dealing with this glitch if you are installing apps fine let me know down below so we can tell how big this issue is. Tweakbox users according to reports are the worst impacted at this moment.

(Update When I recorded this video there was issues with Ignition & Appvalley but it seems Appvalley is 100% working but Ignition has a few apps still not working other than that only Tweakbox is having the Install issue so ignore the Appvalley/Ignition news unless you are experiencing the same problem if you are please let me know in the comment section)


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  1. Tomorrow's video will be on this Tweakbox movie app situation this will be a part 3 as i've made 2 videos on it already. I planned a double upload with that video but sadly it came out bad & i rather redo the video so it will be out tomorrow

  2. Every time I try to install an app on tweakbox it just disappears and I caught it all it does is starts downloading than poof! Gone

  3. Great video , downloaded AppValley now , does it make a difference on which spotify you have or are they all the same?

  4. Bruh I just learned about tweakbox and etc, and I thought I did something wrong while trying download apps from em. I thought I got hacked or something oof! Thanks for the info my man!

  5. and this is why i installed Unc0ver from TweakBox when i did and Jailbroke on iOS 12.4, and downloaded Reprovision and self signed Unc0ver so it isnt affected by a revoke

  6. I had that problem with IOS Gods about 30min ago YouTube++ I had installed from AppValley quit working the certificate was not revoked so I uninstalled and reinstalled from IOS Gods and it just installed a grey icon so I think it is all the stores right now I’m using the Apple App Store YouTube with all the annoying ads

  7. Hey appltechvideo. This is a bit of a specific request but is there a way to jailbreak an iOS 10.2.1 device from the web? It can’t be an app. Hard to explain the situation I’m in lol.

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