Twitch Livestream | Agents of Mayhem EARLY PREVIEW [PC]


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**This stream was recorded on August 5th, 2017**

Big thanks to the devs for hooking me up with a code. When the game releases I’ll be starting it fresh game since this is on PC and I’ll be playing on Xbox One.

Gameplay starts at: 4:36

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  1. remember when games where about having fun? you know, why we play video games?

    Seriously, this looks like fun. Just plain fun. whats wrong with that?
    Sure it takes from other games, wich is normal. Really looking forward trying this game out.

  2. The more i watch the more baffled i am. Besides the higher resolution and particle effects this looks like a game from the first xbox era: almost empty streets, blocky buildings, low detail enviroment, shitty physics, load times for every mission etc.
    Do they intend to sell this at full price?

  3. Why do people apologize for using controllers when playing games on pc? I'd do it too. Play with whatever control scheme you want, it's your pc, your preferences. You don't owe anyone an explanation for why you do it.

  4. This, this chat is why we can't have nice things. Why must everything be compared. Why can't we look at something as it's own thing? Are humans really so bland and boring that we can't like something without comparison to something we have seen or done before? This, this right here is why the robots win.

  5. Some people keep comparing this to Saints Row, sure its the same devs and is still somewhat in the same universe but people need to understand this is a different form of game. You don't complain that the new Watch_Dogs sucks because you cant perform leaps of faith like in Assassins Creed. So this game should not get hate for not having features present in Saints Row.

  6. This game strikes me as epitome of risk-averse. With Agents of Mayhem, Volition seems to have plugged the currently popular MOBA/Overwatch style mechanics and "unique" characters into an open world game and style of humor that was getting tired and repetitive when Saints Row IV came around.

    I want to see Volition do something different and take more risks. Ditch the open world, ditch the wacky humor, especially ditch all the purple, and try something new.

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