[TwitchHighlight] Slay the Spire – The Most Insane Deck Ever

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Corruption + Dead Branch = OP RNG

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  1. the background music is so distracting that said, guy explains alot and is very helpful to beginners

  2. hey dude i found your videos by accident but i had to say i really enjoyed watching them and i'd like to catch you streaming in the future! good luck in the future 🙂

  3. Just had a ran with 32 cards that hardly worked together , but had enough relics that every time I got a new one the last one on my list would be forced off screen. If you ever have the chance to do something like this its extremely fun and overpowered

  4. I picked up this game after watching Trump play it on his YT, and Kripp talking about it. I have only had it for a week, and already have almost 100 hours played, lol. You are really the most talented and thoughtfull "casual" players playing it. I cringe watching Northernlion and Trump play it. Will definately drop a sub here and a follow on Twitch!

  5. The giant whale at the start of the game is a powerful entity that was kicked out of the spire by its current inhabitants. He gets back at them by giving you special powers and bringing you back to life every time you die.

  6. there is an Infinite Combo for Iron Clad its a 2 card deck soo turn one you can kill every boss haha

  7. hi, super video i love your voice and your chillness in your videos keep it up 🙂
    Just curious about something, i've discovered the game 2 hours ago so i might do errors in judgement but at 38:19 wasn't it lethal if you had picked dual wield and duplicated body slam since u had that much armor and the mana for it ? it would help me to know to improve 🙂 ty

  8. this video made me cringe……….you had a fun deck yet you made it stale by playing safe too much

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