Two Best Friends Play Resident Evil 7 (Part 2)


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  1. At around 18 minutes pat looks at that book by author Clive R. O’Brian.

    That’s the guy who was the director of the BSAA when Terragrgia panic and is the guy from RE Revelations.

  2. fun fact, a chainsaw would get caught on your intestines and clog long before being able to make it up to your sternum, which it would then stop at until the chain could spin again long enough to actually get through the bone. Your shirt would also likely get sucked into the mechanism and cause a similar clog. Not saying it wouldn't kill you, because it fuckin' would, but that chainsaw must be specially designed for killing because chainsaws don't actually deal with gore and viscera that well.

    Also, Ethan did a rad fuckin job of screaming when his throat and lungs would not only be chunked by the chain, tubes being cut and whatnot, but also while being filled with the blood he'd be drowning in while he bled to death. But since his heart got got, he wouldn't be conscious for long, and it'd be a race against death to see if his blood slowly oozed out fast enough to kill him, or if he suffocated before that happened.

    Video game deaths are fun to over analyze

  3. "Good to see Maggie Smith in video games."
    Ah, come on Matt, she played through Harry Potter dealing with cancer, dont compare her to granny here D:

  4. That book in the living room called The Unveiled Abyss is a reference to revelations 1 since at the end of the game jill's boss (Clyve O Brian) retires and writes that book

  5. Good God, these two are obnoxious. To be fair, this is my first time watching them, and they sound like cool guys. But seriously, there should be a limit to how ignorant people can be!

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