TypicalBOT for PAYDAY 2 DEMO – Semi-Unlocker + Trainer + LVL + More (Check Description)

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FileSize: 20 MB

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TypicalBOT for PAYDAY 2 DEMO – Semi-Unlocker + Trainer + LVL + More (Check Description)was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720




Hello, today I have something new for you guys 🙂 PAYDAY 2 DEMO Unlocker which can add you more fun and it’s can be Expansion for this DEMO Version. Why I make this ? Other cheats for DEMO was patched, soo I create something new ^^ Other cheats crashing the game. I fixed that problem and I created every possible feature into this game version 🙂

How to use the trainer ?
1. Download my Cheat and extract all 3 files to one folder.
2. .lua file should be moved to your PAYDAY 2 DEMO folder (Go to SteamApps)
3. Start the game
4. Start the Injector by Master131 ( Credits to him for this app 😀 )
5. Add the .dll file and Inject it to PAYDAY 2 Process
6. Start game in offline or online mode and press “INSERT”

CHEAT DOWNLOAD LINK: (Cheat is Public Version and free to use)




Some of links down? Report this in comments! 🙂

Cheat Features:

– Works as Host and Client
– Auto-Kick Cheater – Bypass
– Unlock Mission Equipment
-Super Jump ( Sprint + Jump button )
– Ammo ( Press insert to get full ammo)
– Unlimited Cables (Glitchy)
– Every option which use the timer works instant ( Drilling, Reviving, Deploying etc.) – Timer Function off
– If you get downed, you can Auto-Revive yourself using the Insert.
– Add C4 to every mission
– Unlimited ammo ONLY if u deploy Ammo Bag
– 1 shot 1 kill
– NoSpread for every weapon
– NoRecoil for every weapon
– RapidFire

Unlocker Features:

– LEVEL 100
– Unlimited Money
– Skill points 150 ( to get 150 Skill points again, start the heist or something and press insert again – You can unlock all possible skills in game )
– Unlock DeathWish Level
– Unlock all possible weapons
– Unlock all possible mods for weapons
– Unlock all possible materials, patterns and colours for masks
– Unlock all possible masks
– Unlock all possible infamous items

– None – I just added bypass for server option (Auto-Kick Cheaters)

— Desktop recorded by BandiCam ( I don’t know why it’s lagging )
—- Game recorded by FRAPS

Master131 for Injector


1. Skope – Get Back
2. Underoath – Reinventing Your Exit
3. Audioslave – Your Time Has Come

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  1. this is a malware file. don't download. I scanned it with the Malwarebytes app and it said it was a threat. Malwarebytes doesn't lie.

  2. MAN I LOVE +1 SUB ITS F'ING WORKING OMG [but wen you finish a heist the game crashes but that doesn't matter for me]

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