1. Well he usally plays while he pranks but on this one i guess he recorded
    him played it and then he playes the video while hes pranking

  2. Shut the fuck up, you fanboy. I fucking hate people like you, always
    pretending to be a famous person just for thumbs up.

  3. What kid in pre school has a phone with credit yet alone be able to use it.
    As sson as he said im in pre school now i would have hung up

  4. Mcdonalds workers already get paid like crap and get treated like crap. I
    don’t think they deserve pranks.

  5. I know im looking up shit on the internet and i cant find anything exept
    for little toy voice changers but i want to know where he gets those
    special deviceslike greenscreens voice changers and whatnot

  6. Hookers is funny ass fuck. I remember when he prank call this hooker, and
    he said he wanted to do crazy sex stuff, then she put here master on the
    phone. This shit was funny

  7. i don’t know, seeing how much the current gen consoles struggled with bf3
    in some places, bf4 will probably walk all over them. I would only get it
    on ps4 or xbox one

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