UNIDAD DLC | Ghost Recon Wildlands How To Download Unidad Ghost Pack! (Season Pass Customization)

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  1. Geoff is actually a different spelling of Jeff, so for the future if you ever say someone's name off a paper or something and it says Geoff, make sure to say Jeff. I don't want you to be embarrassed

  2. I've completed the game solo, got all guns and add ons. I'm up for open fire raid. good at stealthy approach for serious mission. Im also good at sniping and support fire. Pretty much anything you can do, I can do or try better… PSN tag bhernandez6 add me Mic up welcome

  3. On PS4, the first screen on wildlands will show "free items" in the store if you have season pass

  4. I can't get the ps4 avatars from preordering gold edition. It won't show up and can't find anything can anyone help?

  5. On playstation just hover over the game on the home screen then it should prompt tabs below the game. Scroll down to the bottom and it should say accessories and then unidad should be at the top to download

  6. can you please make a video based on adding firearms and guns and other features that are actually customizable? because i feel like they keep adding content but nothing i feel is worth downloading.. nothing really jumps out and screams "KILLING DRUG LORDS". nothing in these DLCs make me really feel like they are pushing some sick specops stuff.. its all just cotton candy and lollipops at this point. i want MK18 cbr rifles, i want an m16, mk16s, mk20, i want to see more AK rifles.. ak74, 104, 105,74u and others. they have so much content that is missing from a more realistic standpoint..

    what about rocket launchers?? i need an AT4 and maybe an rpg7. somthing that will go the distance. thanks for your content nonetheless.👍👍

  7. Unfortunate how after you finish the decent at best campaign and collect most of the guns, the game is already as boring as the division. Hope they add PvP soon to make it more appealing

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