Unlimited Gold Bars to cross any level in Candy Crush Saga

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A must watch video for all candycrush saga players…

I know you guys must have faced situation in some point when you only need few moves to cross the level but you are out of moves and later you have to start same level again.

Now it wont be a problem for you guys, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to cross any tough level easily with additional moves in each level.

*** This trick works only on the latest level you are struck on, it wont work on levels which you already cleared ***

Step 1 : Make sure you have atleast 9 gold bars available in your account, if you have more than that it gonna make your game easier, but if not have enough gold bars than keep playing Ice drops challenge and you’ll get enough at some point. ( 9 bars for 5 moves, 18 bars for 10moves and so on.. you won’t loose any goldbars you use, instead you can reuse them again and again.)

Step 2 : start the game while your internet connection is active and start playing.

Step 3 : When you reach to certain point where you have no more moves left but you still need few more to complete the level, then here is the important part : keep the game running in background and go to settings to switch of any internet connection you have like wi-fi or network data.

Go back to game and purchase 5 extra moves with 9 gold bars, now you’ll get extra moves but it wont update online… if you have more than 9 gold bars then it is even better for you after extra 5 moves you can purchase another 5 moves with a bonus stripe candy for another 18 gold bars and so on, ok !! so fair enough but here comes the tricky part.

Step 4 : you dont want these purchases to sync online otherwise it gonna be deducted permanently, so you must quit game after finishing current level. Make sure you kill its process if it is running in background.

Now activate you internet connection again, and start the game. Here you can notice that as soon as data get in sync online then all the gold bars gonna be restored back to number where you started first. ( As in the video you can notice that I started at 16 gold bars and after using 9 bars during last game play they were restored back to 16 again – http://youtu.be/FLAhOYSA0pw )

How cool is that, now you can cross any toughest level easily.

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  1. hi there, Thanks for sharing this. You mentioned that if we don't have enough gold bars, that we should " keep playing Ice drops challenge" – what exactly is that? I'm playing the current version (can't seem to find the actual ver. #?) on my Samsung S7 (Android). Appreciate any help you can offer me. TIA 🙂

  2. i saw this video i liked it but i have a question. i want to know that can we do it unlimited times like if i have 18 gold bars so i can have 10 moves for free only on current level. so my real question is that can i have 15 moves for free in 18 gold bars 🙂 reply soon

  3. Great and thank you!!   But a question….. WHY doesn't anyone EVER help other Candy Crusher's pass levels by clicking on the Envelope icon??  You have 62 requests. I always click on it to assist someone. Takes all of 6 seconds.  Pay it forward.

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