Untrusted Enterprise Developer Fix? How To Fix Tweakbox , Appvalley , TuTu App,and More! TechnoTrend

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Hey what is up guys and gals, in this video I will be showing you how to Fix this common issue with iphones and Cydia Alternative. If you need any help, be sure to ask me in the comments. Love you guys so much!

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  1. My problem is that when I download things for tweakbox they won’t download. The downloading app will just said “waiting” or it won’t say anything under it.

  2. You need a new wallpaper lol; look up any color or wavy shit “aesthetic” and you’ll be happy with some dope choices. Thanks for the vid tho, helped a lot!

  3. You need a new wallpaper lol look up any color “aesthetic” and you’ll find some dope shit! Thanks for the help btw

  4. What do you do if you open the app that you hacked it sees varify but if you want to it doesn’t work

  5. So I deleted it and then tried to download Spotify, but nothing pops up, I mean it says do you want to download but nothing happens, I restarted my phone but still doesn’t work, is Spotify revoked?

  6. Omg man thanks you are so useful I subscribed cause you deserve it idk how to owe you more your the best apple helper thank you thank you thank you

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