1. For those ones who doesn’t apears MAT.ex. Go to winject and click right
    side mouse button and select properties. Than go to compatibilities and
    select the box inside the option “the compatibility mode” and select
    “Windows XP (service pack 3)” press apply. It ussualy happens for Windows
    7. If it doens’t works try the other options. Than open winject again.
    Sorry my bad english!

  2. this is new version…. i have try it and working perfectly… ^_^ song
    >basshunter >break your heart >fireworks

  3. WTF??? i download it… the it appears a note said that my computer been
    affected by Virus???SON OF BITCH~!!!

  4. LOLLLLLOOLOLOL when i downloaded gold hack i opened it and it said you got
    9999999 gold then it said your account will be hacked in 10 sec nice xDD

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