Upgrade to Malwarebytes Premium 3 0 Now

Filename: malwarebytes3.1.2serial.zip

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Free malwarebytes3.1.2serial is ready for download

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  1. If Any one Need Any Protection or need to Save your desktop or laptop from Viruses .just dial our Customer care helpline number 1-888-738-4333

  2. Can I use the premium version together with Norton? Will both programmes manage with each other?

  3. thanks sir – i didn't realize that it was so easy to upgrade. I have a 3-PC annual license and, in light of recent events, thought I should check out the new MWB product. Installs as easy as you indicate! Cheers – Jon

  4. FYI– I have the 3.0 Pro malwarebytes but a problem Ive been having is the protection settings once clicked from time to time go back off and pups can get thru. When I reclick the mal. protection it wont find the pups, But I run the superantispyware pro and it finds and removes the pups , this happened today 5-6-17. You can get SAS PRO for $10 for a year and its worth it.

  5. how to updates? mine wont update…it doesn't update…no matter how many times I tried to update.

  6. I cracked and patched mine ages ago and now it wants to update. if I do will the program be ok or will it recognise its self as a cracked version?

  7. WOOHOO! THANK YOU MBAM!!!!! I'm PSYCHED! About 5 or 6 years back I bought a lifetime license of the then Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. I have moved to newer PCs twice and reformatted twice without ever having any issues reinstalling MBAM Premium with my lifetime license. When MBAM Anti-exploit arrived I wanted it, wanted it bad, but I'm a disabled gimp on fixed income and the Anti-exploit was not included in
    my Lifetime License (or budget) so I have just continued to stare and drool over MBAM Anti-exploit. As I, less than an hour ago, allowed Admin Priv to my MBAM program to update the app, what was installed is a fully functioning Premium version of the new MBAM 3.0 along with an explanation that MBAM Lifetime License holders will get the new MBAM STILL for life that is actually a combined version of MBAM Premium WITH MBAM Anti-exploit with upgraded functionality as a full-blown combined Anti-malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-virus! I guess I must have done something to please Gigo, the all powerful god of all things digital! And BTW, the 1st full scan took 14 minutes 37 seconds. And I also run AVG Free with a scan going on right now and so far no compatibility issues!

  8. Updates take a lot longer to install with this version. If you don't have licenses for any of the three included sub programs, you won't be covered for those. I had premium versions of AM and AE but not Ransomware.

  9. Yes as your video indicates I found out the same thing today. I originally had bought a 2011 version of this program, old and outdated. Then I realized I had the version 2.2.1 1043 version in my downloads. So I activated it and after running it indicated that my version was outdated. It offered an install [I was hesitant about this] but I clicked on it and it gave me the 3.0.5 premium version. I have double checked by restarting my system and it seems to be locked in.

  10. Got lots of BSOD with this version. Discovered my weekly BSOD were also caused by MBs previous version. At least, not five times a day.

  11. Consuming a very large percentage of CPU.If you exit Malwarebytes, the service just keeps eating ram.

  12. Thank you for the video Brian! I had no idea Malwarebytes had a new version out. I have a lifetime license and it didn't give me any trouble installing.

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