War of Mercenaries Attacking Demon King

War of Mercenaries Attacking Demon King

War of Mercenaries Demon King Attack.Taking down 90% of defensive buildings of a max level demon king clan in 1 wave.Feel free to add me on facebook https://…
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  1. Thanks for this video, im looking into farming against clans, and i started with demon king. I already done 30 levels and i use currently 30 nubians with my lvl4 bird. So my question is, how much do you spend on making an army to farm this clan and how much do you get in the end ?

  2. You can still use the low level mightosaur if you have the patience.It takes a while but saves on iron.The fastest way is to send in a bunch of persian hashishan with dragonfly.The dragonfly is the best beast by far.The other 2 are useless except for mightosaurs high attack which is only good for free looting.

  3. too bad I dont use mightosaur…… I raised bearwolf in the beginning and then I switched to dragonfly. Now I have both in lv 3 so I dont think I have more patience to raise another one bec my level is too high/too late for that & my neighbor bases are getting stronger too 🙁
    Do you have any tips for the other beasts?

  4. I never use sneak peek.It is a looting merc but has pretty low stats for how much housing it takes up.Only good for feeding dragonfly.

  5. Because clans don’t get damage protection.As long as you don’t destroy the city center you can keep attacking.Now I just use nubian guards instead of mongols as they are faster to make.You just need more of them.
    You should be able to take down all the defenses in 2 waves and you only need to cata the sky tower in the centre.When the defenses are down switch to mightosaur and re-attack only with him.Make sure you end the attack before the cc goes down then repeat until all loot is collected:)

  6. hey i HAVE A QUESTION what is the sneak peek for? i recruited it but i dont see what its for.. seems to be useless..

  7. seriously though, all of this hassle but no resource looted? You didn’t win the battle either. Just curious, why dont you use mercs who attack more on resources building btw? I mean while Mongolians destroying the defensive building, you can take resources too…

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