War Wings Prank! This flight instructor had no idea this was coming!

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  1. Hey War Wings, I had this message when I wanted to battle at 2:36 PM saying that my rewards have reached the limit, what does this mean?

  2. Hey I am a War Wings youtube Id like if you could sponsor me my name is CaptAdolf I would make more videos about the game for you and I'd make it more famous

  3. war wings help me I change flag but cannot change another flag please next update fix change flag issue

  4. I like to have cockpit view in Android version…. I'd like play with italian airplanes! War wings is the best game about Planes off ww2 !!!!

  5. Hay war wings I have a question is the 19$ bundle good like is the bf 190AB good ? And is it for keeps or dose it have time cause I thinking of asking my mom on Saturday if I can get it but I need to know is it good?

  6. Hey war wings I'm disappointed about my graphics on my device for war wings here I was so pumped for war wings but the graphics were a bit blocky because I had low ram. So I downloaded the HD textures and I ran out of space on my device and had to delete the app. If you fix the ram problem and graphics I would be super happy!

  7. can you guys nerf 4800 silver ammo? its too OP just need 5 sec spitfire destroy my heavy gunner bf-110c…I know every mobile game is design for pay to win but its too much 🙁

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