WarCraft 3 Gold Hack Cheat Engine 6.1

WarCraft 3 Gold Hack Cheat Engine 6.1

Download Cheat Engine : http://www.cheatengine.org/
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heroes of newerth cheat engine 6.22013


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  1. Even though I had 1M cash, I was giving it to another player (Know if I used it I would disconnect. Every time I gave him lets say 20k, it only gave him what the online game said I had, so about 60g. Once I used the cash the game didn’t register, I got disconnected and can now use the money, but now I’m not playing against anyone.

  2. This hack only works for single player or browser type games. The cash, wood, and levels you give yourself only work for YOUR individual game, you will disconnect the seond you use it, even if you’re the only one in the game. What I mean by disconnect is this money can’t begin to register in to YOUR game otherwise. Think of this hack as greedisgood, impossible to use online. Fun hack, it techincally does work, just has little or no value since I can simply play offline for the same value.

  3. hi thank you its work for me the other says its fake but for me its working thank you pl§§§§§ like this comment pl§§§§§

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