Warframe – 75 Free Plat on Xbox?

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FileSize: 22 MB

Free warframefreeplatinumxboxone is ready for download

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RE-UPLOADED due to a 3 second “hickup” i had to fix sorry..

Don’t know why, tried finding out as this turned from a “free plat on console” video into a “why not on ps4?” video..

BUT, if your on xbox and get one then congrats, PS4 players, i might of missed something, let me know in comments below, i do not use my PS4 enough to know and might of missed it?

My glyph is now universal and the code “ORIGINALWICKEDFUN” claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.
Can easily claim it by going to the following URL: https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ORIGINALWICKEDFUN

outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)
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  1. I missed it… at least i think i did. Don't break curfew kids. or else you miss warframe.

  2. I never received this message from xbox…..the other guys i play with did but i have yet to receive my 75 free plat……..oh well

  3. I was able to get the nekros prime bp i was never able to get. Now i can use the parts i farmed for.

  4. as an xb1 player…the free plat was a nice gesture. they do good business like this. the players are happy despite the delay with the update and they're supporting DE by purchasing the plat and a bit of advertising. consider how many new players/returning players logged in because of this message.
    as for those that don't play on xbox and missed out… that sucks but don't hate on us xbox players, we didn't ask for it.
    there are things on pc that i wish we had access to… like tennogen 12 and twitch drops that are pc only.

  5. I have a ps4 and personally, im glad for xbox players. Limited warframe and weapon slots are a huge problem for alot of those who dont trade. They need to do this more often. If for only xbox then so be it. Its still free platinum for our fellow tenno.

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