WARFRAME: Beginner's Platinum Guide Part 1 – Syndicates (Quick and Easy Plat Guide)

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New Platinum Guide I’m starting to help newer players earn platinum quickly. I mainly want to do this as many people have commented on previous videos saying it’s hard to earn platinum, or that you have to pay to get it, when really, it’s simple as long as you know what you’re doing. Hopefully this series will help people earn platinum quickly and in ways they may not have thought of before. I know this video itself is a little rough, but I hope to improve as I make more of these. Be sure to leave your feedback down below!

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  1. What's a good way to turn standing into plat though? Make the popular mods and weapons and try to sell them individually, or or go to chat and say something like "wts new loka stuff " and make whatever ppl want on the spot?

  2. But one quick questoin how can i do 3 or more syndicates? Cuz im red veil and steel meridian now and the others are my enemies😅 did i choose the wrong syndicate?

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