Warframe | Best Way to Farm PLATINUM

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What are the 3 best ways to farm plats?
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  1. How to farm Platinum?
    "Let the void sink in! i was once chosen by the void, left with a bleeding anus, praise the VOOOOIIIIID!"

  2. Step 1 never use warframe market use nexus
    Perfect example
    Using warframe market – 1 of nekros prime piece is only worth 5 plt at most when he is VAULTED
    Using nexus- the same piece is worth 10 to 15

  3. If u make a vid how to farm platinum than dnt tell us to buy some first what mybe increases price later. Like wtf? After 1.07min the vid proved his state of bs.
    I bet everyone who started this vid only did to get a way for get platinum wthout real money but u stRt of and say use real money. Mybe the dephs pay u to say that?

  4. If the Trade Market was anything like the real one half the stuff would not be as expensive.
    Primes for example.
    You can't sell a fully built prime anything. You sell the plans which they buyer need to then build themselves. Massive price drop right there.

    Rarity means jack shit to their price when you got sevreal mod packs you can buy that offer multiple mods for the same price of what someone is charging for a single mod.
    Another massive drop in value.

    So you are left with Arcanes and Syndicate weapons and even still, most of it isn't worth the amount people charge.
    90% of the market is run by greed.
    People think their time grinding that 1 part or mod is worth 500+ plat when they could have used said time for something much more productive.

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