Warframe Closed Beta – How to fix multiplayer with friends

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  1. Can you help me i have i game from steam Warfare and i can not play online with others because its write this Strict NAT detected.UPnP malfunctioning.Please forward UDP ports 3960 &3962 to What I have to do now X) ?

  2. "Port forwarding" is the thing to do probably. I don't know what fix did Warframe support suggested. It would be wise though to start with forwarding UDP ports number 3090 and 3062. You should google it if you have no idea what port forwarding is. Just to give you hint: you usually do this by connecting to the router (if you have one) by typing it's IP address in the browser bar and logging in. Then you have to find the right options and forward those ports.

  3. You didn't mention what to do after because the vid cut off. We did all this and we still can't connect. We are fine with other games like minecraft, but with this game there is no host a server option that actually communicates with hamachi.

  4. My problem is that some of my friends cant see that im online but i can see they're online. Help pls!!

  5. After checking all the firewalls of your pc, including your routers', you need to enter the NAT section of the router's page and then the port forward section. you need to create a new gateway. enter your own ip (you can get that by running cmd and typing ipconfig and either ETHERNET or WIRELESS ipv4 address is your ip), Enter 4954 to UDP sections of WLAN and LAN. Do the same things to 4955 and create a new gateway. and in the game options you need to change the ports to 4954 & 4955.

  6. i have a problem with the game. when i hit play it launches and get a session unavailable error before the login screen. how can i fix it?

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