Warframe | Dear New Players | More Slots & Colors Please

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The Sub Series (Adventure Story) https://youtu.be/dxUsxM0RnEA


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  1. I don't think the prices are unreasonable at all. Warframe slots cost $1.33. Weapon slots cost $0.80 for a pair. Color palates cost $5 each. And that's if you're only buying the smallest platinum pack there is, if you buy the 1000 for $50 option, those numbers drop to $1, $0.60, and $3.75.

  2. The Warframe Slots are just a stupid way to make profit. It’s literally dodging the whole trying out something new topic in this game. It literally ruins it for the begginers, it’s already hard enough to make platinum and it’s even more annoying that I have to spend money on this game to actually explore new characters.

    I enjoy the game itself but the whole slot additions are just insanely stupid.

  3. The colors are ok but the actual problem is that in codex and stuff the game gives as warframes and weapons so we can make them,but the problem with that is that if the game gives you a lot of warframes and no slots then that's annoying and most ppl don't want to pay or can't pay for plat or better stuff in general.Idk if the relise that but this is the biggest problem for me and most of ppl

  4. 2 weapon slots is 12 plat and theres 432 weapons so
    432-10÷2×12=2532 platinum for enough slots for every weapon in the game.thats over $300 just to have every weapon. What the hell, DE?

  5. I understand the view that the game is free, but customers have the right to voice their opinion. Personally I think they should do away with limiting slots for anything. Seems a bit overkill in handcuffing newer players from exploring weapons and gear they may prefer. Understandably the company has to make revenue somehow. I think a more balanced option would be if any player could use platinum or a large amount of credits for purchases. That makes it better for newer players to work towards better frames and gear without having to use up their platinum unless they want something really special.

  6. This game that they created is fking rubbish if i was game creator i would let colors be available no buyings everything is for free screw yall makers yall don't know how to create a game.

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