Warframe | Focus Schools | What You Need To Know

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  1. PC.
    Well , i'm really shocked and happy that you did this xD . Thank you so much . <3
    Ps: Can you tell me (only if you want), what mods do you use on your Orthos Prime ? I really love that weapon and I want to make it super effective. 🙂

  2. So, somehow i finished second dream and war within and all that without realizing there is a whole different layer to the game now. Holy shit. This isnt normal my dudes. This game is something else.

  3. XB1, I have a question similar to this, how do you walk around in your ship or in missions as the operator?😯

  4. for the duration of the mission
    for the duration of the mission
    for the duration of the mission
    for the duration of the mission

  5. PC I feel like the best way of learning focus, is just dumping some plat into a few lenses and just messing around. Zenurik is the easiest thing to get into though.

  6. Can I still use focus abilities when I unequip all equipments with focus lenses? Say I have focus lens on just my Ash Prime, then I changed my warframe to another one without a lens, weapons don't have lenses either

  7. Wut happens when ur warframe us max lvl and u have focus lens on it and u unranked ur warframe and lose ur focus lens I'm worried plz tell me how to get it back 🙁

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