Warframe – Free Download: The Glast Gambit Trailer | PS4

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  1. Anyone claiming this game is pay to win has clearly not played. Every piece of equipment is obtainable by farming or trading. The only things you can't farm for is cosmetics. It's not pay to win, it's pay to look good.

  2. Warframe was a bit too grindy to keep me interested after playing it regularly for about 4 months. I will say though, It's a very well designed and fun game to play. I highly recommend trying it.

  3. hey playstation i love your videos but i was curios if you can make an update that fixes the problem where you make a vid longer than 15 minutes and it says account must be verified but it already is and it dosent work can you plz fix that if you do it will help my youtube channel alot now i know you guys wont responed but hopefully you read this and fix that problem thx.

  4. Aye, can you guys help me get 50 sub's before the end of January! I will sub back to anyone who subs to me! Have a great day :))

  5. playstation your so awesome i dont know how you came up with the vr but hey once i get it im definately using it everysingle day or pls can you donate one?that would be great

  6. For those games you need better internetconnection. With over 55 million ps4 owners worldwide, sony HAVE TO INVEST into the internet connection for much faster and stable download. I buy all my games digital in the ps4 store, and its too slow…..please sony UPDATE this!!!!!!!!! A bigger controller and better thumbsticks please. Everything else is super.

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