Warframe: Get a free Trinity prime with Twitch prime

Filename: warframefreeplatinum.zip

FileSize: 24 MB

Free warframefreeplatinum is ready for download

Warframe: Get a free Trinity prime with Twitch primewas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724




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  1. Did everything, received the cape but not trinity prime. Doesn’t seem to work on console. I have enough warframe slots too.

  2. i wish i could have it, i would be fine paying for prime…

    if only my country was supported for that…. only lucky few are allowed, i searched many forums, i tried to find a way to be able to buy prime, but it just says ''oh no, can’t enable twitch prime on your account''.. tried amazon prime, prime video, started a free trial even on it.. nothing. So im doomed to just watch all the lucky people get all the goodies..

  3. Im still clueless how this works, it says link it, then claim it, i see nothing that says i can claim any items, it only shows me a menu where i have to start a free trail and then it costs monthly to be part of whatever that is, i dont want that, i just want the items simple, nowhere does it say you have to pay monthly to be part of amazon or some shit. So can someone please clearify

    This it what it says:Sign in to your Twitch Prime account here and click "Claim Offer" below the Warframe Prime Loot! '' There is no such button that says "claim offer" under a seemingly non existent "Warfarme Prime Loot!" thing

  4. Ok this is getting stupid, so many vaulted primes are getting given away, now even ASH prime is given away, yeh sure it gives the newer players hope and shit, but it's really darn fucking unfair for the veterans or seniors of the community. It really affects the trade a lot, and me myself relying a lot on vaulted primes for a source of plat, this is really pissing me off .

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