Warframe Glitches – 3 New Orbiter Glitches (Out of Orbiter and More)

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These are some simple glitches that allow you to have some fun in your orbiter, one of the glitches allows you to get outside of it, just not to the extent of some previous ones. Hopefully one will be found soon, but as of now I have yet to find my own. As for the other glitches, they are pretty much useless but are very fun.

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  1. i managed to go through the orbiter with that light speed glitch, went to the operator room and got stuck in the window. had to quit the game to go back to normal.

  2. New way to get to skybox is by basically still using the same old method with this one. I assumed archwing room is right under Arsenal, so after entering decor mode using your technique, I went forward and then diagnal down till I hit the skybox.

  3. Thx for this glitch… now i discoverd a new way to the skybox… FINALLY i can build by scene out of the orbiter . THX a lot

  4. found how to access your outside orbiter (for decorations).
    start with the same way you did on 1:22 and I used decoration to "mark" the way out. (I'm not sure which way you used on the video, but you can exit from 2 holes in this room. The room we are using is the one on the left, if you look at the decorations)
    After that you to the left side of the cube, according to the decorations you placed and from there you need to find the right angle, top-left of the "left-side-cube" square (you should see a little of the engines there outside the cube).
    it's a little hard to describe… but it's working

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