Warframe guide: How to get platinum | 3 ways to get platinum in Warframe 2017

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  1. You say it's not pay to win but in a way it's pay to have fun, new players get the choice of 3 warframes and that's fine. what they don't tell you is that you only get 50 plat and warframes cost more than that, and with the cancerous region chat it doesn't welcome the new player base at all. so you are stuck with the same warframe through the entire game pretty much, unless you spend money and get it. so basically you are stuck playing the same missions because there are 3 factions, they all get old really fast and there is only 2 or 3 maps that are copy and pasted in each world. so yes in a way it is pay to win because they know players will be bored playing the same warframe over and over on the same maps over and over, so saying it's not pay to win because you're a fanboy of this game doesn't prove your point.

  2. I'm a new player and u already f*cking spoiled how you look like out of your warframe. Why the f*ck would you do that

  3. i just started warframe…of course im gonna be a ficking idiot and sell common mods for platinum how should i know which are rare abd valuable?

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