Warframe: How to Earn Free Platinum 2018

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Warframe market for price checking sets and mods: https://warframe.market/

Online Riven market that is also useful as a reference for price checking unrolled fodder rivens: https://www.wftrader.com/

Riven mod stat simulator: https://semlar.com/rivencalc

Tool that calculates average selling price based of both weapon types and all possible stars on each weapon based on offers, take it with a grain of salt but it’s a good general indicator: https://semlar.com/rivenprices

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  1. How does warframe handle platinum inflation? If people trade it so it never disappears from the game and more plat is introduced as people continue to buy it, as well as it being the primary currency in the warframe market, eventually the value of real life money to platinum would change, because in game you request more plat, so if someone wants to buy plat they might end up paying $10 for something that earlier was $5. Does warframe adjust how much plat you get per dollar from them as they see inflation rise?

  2. when a new prime frame set is coming out just be ready to farm it and get a cuple sets the first day its out and they will sell for crazy prices . i farmed 2 limbo prime sets the day it came out and made 800p just off that, the price drops like crazy after a week to under 100p but the day it comes out is extremely high in demand. i currently have 2k plat i made in 2 days from doing this

  3. Nothing is free ty mrs.freymuth she litterally has a poster saying nothing is free I told her is life free she said no you have to live it how about breathing nope you have to use you're body to breathe and I couldn't get anything out of questioning her

  4. my blueprints wont appear when i try and trade even if i have blueprints, is there any way to fix this?

  5. Wow! I've got a corrupted mod in my 2nd days play and thought it was useless . i sold it for credits . I really am a asshole

  6. "for a man to earn something he need to sacrifice something. That is the alchemy equivalant exchange"

  7. How to get that platinum.. im already buy it.. but appear only at web account.. in game my platinum is 0.. ps4 user someone pls help

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