Warframe – How To Get Free Platinum Tutorial 2017!

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Hey guys welcome back to another tutorial, today i talk about my method to getting platinum very easily and free. if this video helped you out please be sure to leave a like! if you would like to see more videos on warframe / and tutorials in the future please be sure to subscribe!

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  1. Nothing is free in life, what you might think is free, someone else you may or may not know is working for it.
    Remember that.
    Good vid tho! it helped me progress.

  2. The thing with trading is that people will see the trade and try to put in a lower offer
    I wanted to sell a Volt Prime for 70 platinum and someone said they would give me 5 platinum for it. 5 PLATINUM! Like, who even does that.
    Then I checked his profile and he 10500 platinum. Then I told him I would give him my Octavia and my Volt Prime for 1500 platinum.
    Then he said he would give me 1 platinum.

    Then I just gave up…

  3. Whenever I do it my comment always gets swarmed then there's the cool down and I'm on Xbox so it's hard to write stuff

  4. How did you buy the first item with plat? Because to my knowledge you cannot trade the plat that is given to you from the start.

  5. low life scum. your a swindler, a crook. you prey on the ignorance of others for your malicious benefit. I hate hagglers. If it says 10 Plat then you buy it for 10. low ball me with a 5 and I'm going to block you permanently.

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