Warframe: How to Get Never-Ending Amount of Free Platinum [2020]

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Warframe: How to Get Never-Ending Amount of Free Platinum [2020]
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Empyrean is a unique game mode introduced in Update 27.0. These missions take place in the vast expanse of space, utilizing Railjack and Archwings to combat enemy spacecraft.

Cooperation is vital to survive aboard the Railjack. Man the turrets, pilot the ship, fight the fires — everyone has a role to play here. In this foundational update for Warframe’s space combat, work together to assault the Grineer above Earth, Saturn and at the edges of the Origin System. More factions and locations will come online in future updates.

Reminder: This phase of Empyrean is designed and optimized as a cooperative experience. Solo players will still be able to enjoy Empyrean, but the difficulty and progression is balanced around full crews. 2020 will bring enhanced Solo capabilities with Empyrean!



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  1. Having a auction house would be awesome. Downside it would remove the social aspect of doing trades. It would feel like I'm playing the auction house in world of warcraft all over again. Where a lot of players may just undercut each other just to make quick Plat.

  2. Trading is crap in Warframe. It is no game when you have to stand virtually in a room with your arm up waiting for someone to approach you, that's work! It's game time you loose doing nothing!

  3. okay… so this caught my interest so i have done a test.. (Yes geeky but you love it)

    I went through the process and recorded all the details to see how productive it was:

    Time collecting the Relics: 45 mins
    Relics: 9
    Maximum value in of the relics if all top items dropped: 166 plat

    Fissure time: 45 mins
    Void traces required to max out all relics, this takes in to account what i received in the fissure missions: 506
    Total value: 110 plat
    This includes me being in the group so getting the pick of four rewards.
    Trick is to know what is worth the most so some market knowledge is good.

    Could be faster but this is real world anyone can speed run but sometimes you get a bad group.
    the negative 506 Void traces is an issue i have to do a lot more fissure running with out upgrades to retain that.

  4. How to have unlimited Plat

    Buy Nekros Prime or any warframe that is bought and sold much at the time

    Sell it for 10-20 more than you bought it

    Buy a new one


  5. Have you ever thought about doing a solo eidolon hunting guide, I’ve recently tried to solo a tricolor with volt and managed to capture up the the gauntulyst but ran out of time for the hydrolyst

  6. The greatest trade chat hustle ive ever witnessed first hand was
    WTB>Berserker Unranked 15p
    I invited him and sold it
    Then I saw from the same guy
    WTS>Berserker Max Rank 40p

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