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Showing how to allow players to join you in your own ship, apparently a feature that will soon be in the game but is unintentional now. The person who is host is the one who’s ship will be joined, although this method is obviously buggy and may not always work. Timing is key.

Special thanks to Roller and —SO—Crystallyser, two Donator Primes that helped me make this video.

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  1. This actually happened to me accidentally, when I was loading a mission then suddenly host migration happened and i got back to my ship. Someone else was on my ship as well.

  2. lol it happen to me but by accident and random when try to join a public match, the person didn't even knew i was inside or cant see me cos i even try to use the mic or send a message thru the squad but didn't have the option, i could't even see the name to scare it XD (i stay there until he/she change frames and went into a mission)

  3. This happened to me few hours ago. A stranger appears on my ship and we've been saying 'what' to each other and had an awkward moment for 2 minutes

  4. I am really hoping that you can have more than 4 people on your orbiter when they release this in the game.

    100 tenno dance party in the new orbiter room. 😀

  5. ps4 supersayjangoku if anyone wants to gift me anything

    i was top 4 on ps4 and top 10 on over all gifts given

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