Warframe lets play 3: why you should never buy a mac

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Lets talk computers
So its obvious now that i’ve explained it to never buy a mac
so get a custom computer dont get a alienware unless you are completely driven to buy for god sake

So its episode 3 in my lets play series were I play warframe
so awesome…
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so use commas and dont always write and like just before like I did
and that was not a simile nor was it a metaphor (if you get what I mean)


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  1. @Jak Stephens
    mate who the fuck said they have better graphics
    bro my pc has a way better graphics card and plus macs might be better for work but they cant handle heavy gaming for shit
    and i wouldnt call playing war frame on a friday night heavy gaming but its good enough to run while i got a million tabs opened in google chrome and fraps going while i play this shit
    that uses so much fucking cpu usage and ram 
    so get fucked try doing what i can easily accomplish on your shit mac crap

    also enable replies m8

  2. bye the way ur fucking pc is definitely getting a virus now 
    macs don't get viruses unless the person using its retarded 
    they run more smooth 
    they have better graphics 
    there thinner 
    there better for work 

  3. Hmm i have a mac and i want to play it oh ill just boot up windows 7 or 8 and i will play. 

  4. You do know that Macs are good for coding games and making games. And you do know that playing games on mac is not fucking impossible.

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