Warframe: Making Platinum FREE – Trading Tips + Tricks!

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Everyone wants to know how to get PLATINUM for FREE in Warframe. It’s not often that a free-2-play also lets you farm for their premium currency! So in 2018 let’s take a look at how players can maximise their inventory and turn it reliably into free platinum…


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  1. The best way to make plat is random prime parts or vault runs vault run is way easier on PS4 I make a good 50-100 plat farming mods like transient fortitude, heavy caliber, and overextended I sell for 12 plat each and I make profit

  2. A tip if you want to farm for a specific Prime part (be it because you need it yourself or because it sells good currenty): Do radshares. You can improve your chances of getting a rare Prime part by enhancing it with void traces (you get those automatically as you play void fissures). Upgrade a relic that contains an item you want in the relic menu of your orbiter to "radiant" (the highest tier). Then, search in the recruiting chat for people offering a radshare for your relic. When you find one, everyone enters the void fissure with the radiant relic equipped.

    This means that first, you vastly improve the chances of getting your rare Prime part by enhancing it with void traces. And then, by joining a radshare, you get a four times higher chance to get it, since now if anyone in the squad drops the rare part, you have it.

  3. Here is a hot tip from a MR 20 f2p player. Use the vault runs on the orokin derelict for plat

  4. Some criticism: You should have explained the text color on relic rewards represent their rarity, bronze being most common, silver uncommon, and gold rare. I think you should have focused more on ways to actually make platinum rather than general tips on Warframe and its community in-general, after all it is a plat/trading video. Just seemed kind of long, I think the tips could have been explained in a much shorter duration allowing for more room to expand on ways for new players to make platinum. No hate, just my thoughts, keep it up and good luck!

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