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a new Twitch Bundle has arrived in the Origin System!

From now until Sept. 14, get a boost with 50 Platinum (non-tradable), a 7-Day Affinity Booster and a 7-Day Resource Booster for free through Twitch Prime! Grab your bundle to maximize your grofit potential.

The Twitch Gear Bundle is available to Twitch Prime members on all platforms. (If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you can sign up for a trial membership and still redeem the offer.) Your Warframe and Twitch accounts must be linked in order to get your bundle, so make sure your accounts are linked!

Stay tuned for more Twitch Bundles coming later this year. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, be a Blessing to your team by getting the free Trinity Prime Bundle!

More info over on the warframe site:

My glyph is now universal and the code “ORIGINALWICKEDFUN” claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.
Can easily claim it by going to the following URL: https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ORIGINALWICKEDFUN

outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)
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  1. Can i create more twitch accounts and activate my gear pack more times on my warframe account?

  2. If I have tradable play and get this untradeable plat, when I buy something will it use the tradeable plat first or the untradeable?

  3. I need to know this as I have been in a hole. I wish to get Trinity Prime as in really wish for her. I love her so much but in order to get her for free I absolutely need Amazon prime. Is there a way to do a free trial on twitch prime without having anything to do with amazon? Reason being that my mother does not trust anything that doesn't accept paypal as the amazon prime free trial requires a credit card number.

  4. I cant wait till the next warframe twitch drop to drop as its the ‘prime weapon bundle’ cant wait to see what it has

  5. Question. If you have 100p and you get this, you will have 150p. If you then spend 50p say on a relic package, you will have 100p again. So, did you spend your 50p that was not trade able, or did you spend part of your original 100p that you say got from trades or whatever?

  6. Wow wicked I love ya man but how can you recommend new players buy forma or especially relic packs are you serious? I cringed so hard watching you buy pack after pack…just Join a syndicate and get them for 20K standing Man, they need weapon and wf slots, I thought you were gonna recommend the dragon MOD pack next lol.

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