Warframe Nintendo Switch Gameplay #3

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  1. some tips for warframe:
    1)never use her 1. if you need heals use her 4 or if you need to stun one enemy use her 2(it will not only stun the enemy but deal % based damage to it while also giving you and your squad energy). her 1 makes stunned enemies more tanky so you can get more health from them(still less than just hitting your 4) and that tanks your kill time way to hard.
    2) all enemy factions are weak to certain elements. grineer=corrosive(corossive also works on corpus robotics like the bursa),
    corpus= magnetic, infested=viral (ofcourse viral is also great on all the other factions)
    3) remember to always fuse endo into your damage mods (serration, hornet strike,point blank, pressure point)

  2. Don't have a serious PC so im super glad we get games like this on the Switch! 20 hours and counting and man this game is a blast.

  3. Warframe on Switch is phenomenal. PanicButton have definitely come the go to port Studio. Mic sounds fine

  4. Someone's definitely put money into the game

    Enjoying it so far

    PB did good on porting it over

    Running an Excalibur war frame atm

    Haven't joined a guild yet

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