Warframe Nintendo Switch Vs Ps4 Vs Xbox One Vs PC

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Warframe Graphic Comparison between Nintendo Switch / Ps4 / Xbox One X / PC
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  1. Xbox one looks like shit but PS4 looks good then they all but ,switch looks good to I think

  2. Only focusing on Switch and Ps4 since they're not that far apart in power. And just like I expected, another great third party port that looks near identical to the competitors. Panic Button doesn't downgrade the games for the Switch. They give us the FULL version running well and looking well. Unlike some retarded developers such as EA who downgraded Fifa for no reason. And 2k with NBA 2k18 and 19. Why cant there be more developers who aren't lazy pieces of shit like Panic Button…

  3. I think they all look pretty bad, the switch I can clearly see the lower framerate. But this is coming from someone viewing this on a 4k TV that plays Warframe in 4k and tries to color balance the game so it doesn't look like a hot mess like xbox does in this comparison.

    I've played on the switch and can't aim well with the joycons because they are too small to practically use with a game like this imo. (Don't tell me to use a pro controller, that's not a fix for a portable console)

    On PC I like 60fps, (however I play with 120+) but the benefit of 120fps or more is lower input latency so your key presses register sooner on screen. (press jump or something and you'll notice 60 fps will take longer to display vs 120) 8.3ms = 120 fps, 16.7ms = 60 fps, 33.3ms = 30 fps

    I remember on older games 30fps never gave any input latency issues, you press the button and it just happened near instantly, but now it seems framerates like 30fps is just horrible for games input latency wise. (could be the way TV's and whatnot have to process the signal more now vs CRT)

  4. the comparison is kind of weird, i mean, the pc can't handle color correction, the only one with that active is the one x version but it alos has gloom deactivated which is why it looks wierd compared to others, also, if that pc was running on max it would look almost like the one x but sharper, and all around the switch to me looks the best because no horrendous "artifact deactivation" mode is on, (which you can deactivate on all versions, not sure why only the switch has it deactivated) which you can see the switch is the only one who doesn´t have it as it is showing all the lightning effects on the portal at 1:51

    edit: nevermnd the pc has it deactivated too

  5. Are the grahphics settings set to them same? Xbox One X feels like it has some stuff different

  6. Hi. Does this mean the Switch can be as photorealistic as the PS4 with the right engine?
    That's cool.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  7. what is wrong with the Xbox one x version, are there custom setting on there, if so did you put it on low?

  8. And the Switch only has 1 teraflop of power. They just know how to code the stuff properly. If they made it even 3 teraflops, it would easily outdo the other consoles in necessary power. That could easily EASILY, especially with how well Nintendo Switch runs their codes, make a strict 1080P and

  9. Switch looks great port. Which other game much downgrade to switch, warframe it's looks like no downgrade.

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