Warframe – Orbiter Captura Scanner Glitch?

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Some things you find in warframe are weird, others are very weird, this is not really a bug or a glitch that is game breaking, not an exploit BUT, was doing something else, and this happened..

Remembering, no standing counts in captura!

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  1. I really thought that while you were doing this you found something hidden in the ship, like where the man in the wall spawns in the ship or something in the infested door (because mine is very dark now) or something behind the operator's station

  2. I haven't been able to even play the game properly for a week now due to network errors. I submitted a ticket but none of his suggestions helped.

    Great feature DE!

  3. It's funny that you now have to mention that you are not using macro to bring out the scanner..
    Like… how the hell these people did not know about the hotkeys?

  4. I miss so much playing this game.. has been like 4/5 months.. cause my pc broke and I can't spend my money on a knew one 🥺
    But we'll at least I enjoy seeing you playing it
    Thank you ♥️

  5. Ive also found upsetting things too…before the last update argon crystal was way easier to farm i usually would get 2&3 argon per hepit mission …. But now its only gives 1 argon crystal rarely per run with resource booster on.

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