Warframe – PC – Fortuna Intro & Vox Solaris Quest – First Mission [4K60]

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A look at the huge open world area Fortuna added to Warframe in 2018. We covered the standard mission gameplay in a previous video. For a free to play title the content added to Warframe is superb and the game is a truly huge title, taking hundreds of hours to master. It is a game with a huge grind in places, which may, but a lot of people off, but as far as the free to play games goes it’s now one of the best out there. A third person action game with a mixture of close combat, gun play and magic.

This video shows the first mission in Fortuna, along with the rather enjoyable opening song to go with it. Fortuna see you visiting the snow filled fields of Venus (Yes we know it’s baking on Venus, but Warframe story is some Orokin tech allows snow to fall.) and starting an uprising against the Corpus with the help of a local rebel group.

Some minor edits and blurs have been added to hide or remove player names, where possible.

Release: 2013
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: Digital Extremes
Format: PC

Warframe is available now F2P on PS4, Xbox One and via PC clients such as Steam. You can also download the game for PC from the official site here: https://www.warframe.com/download

All footage in this video is captured directly from the PC version on Steam using Open Broadcast Software. Upscaled to 4K to improve the video bit rate.


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