WARFRAME Plains of Eidolon Gameplay PS4/Xbox One/PC

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  1. this is great and all but the P2W still exists with an over priced cash shop… thats out of this world, everyone praises this game like its fucking jesus, and its not, its a discunted version of destiny with 3rd person mode..

    and don't give me that BS about grinding…. been there done that./.. either pay to fucking progress or grind till you eventually get bored… reguardless of how much content they add to the game.. the game is still shit because one, you either spend a shit ton of cash we're not talking about… $20 for 1400 Plat we're talking about $20 for like.. 370 Plat.. when everything in the cash shop is literally either upto 200 plat or highter.. and no discounts don't come into play.. and no don't give me that daily log in BS…. if you like the game then good more power to you, keeping feeding into the BS and another thing, don't give me that crap about "Ohh i haven't spent a dime and i'm at master 10" cus been there done that… and the game gets you to spend a few times or forced too… cus that pretty item you want… is on sale.

    anyways i'm done with my rant, the game is still shit with or without Open world… and this is only 1 planet "scenario" a few hundred more too go.

  2. I had played warframe last week, the game is behind a paywall for you to pay respects for DE especially the weapon upgrades. The quests were boring and I almost fell asleep while I am playing warframe. The arcwing controls were terrible, fishing is as the same as monster hunter worlds.
    Overall do not play warframe, don't get me wrong I also hate destiny.

  3. Dude they need to add like massive Clans bases that you can buy for like a thousand plat it would be fucking amazing to wake up one day and know that your clan bought a massive Clans space with like obstacle courses training grounds and shit

  4. Is this on Xbox yet? And if so how do you get there? I’ve looked everywhere to find this, but can’t.

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