Warframe PS4 – How to Go From 0p to 100,000p – Know What to Sell – Fundamentals

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Every wants to make some form of platinum in warframe whether they want to get 4,000p or 10,000 and beyond. Im going show you guys the fundamentals in trade chat, what you need to do and also know what to sell, how to go about it and so on. It maybe slow at first since you are just starting out but all it takes is getting through one trade then after that it gets alot easier and less of a headache. The process takes time, patience, alertness cause you never know who may come along in the trade chat wanting sonething that you have.

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  1. I’ve always had this question, can you sell anything else other than prime warframe and mods like a normal warframe set like rhino for example(I’m kinda new so sorry if this sounds dumb)

  2. ok so the best is nekros saryn and fragor and euphona am i right?so i type in nekros prime set 60-100p i think is smaller than yours but this is how i do trades is more efficeient because they will buy what is cheaper

  3. you seem real knowledgeable, this shit definitely going on my watch later but I got a lil question, how do you tell whether these parts are rare or how much they're worth in general? not lil shortchanger prices, how much they're really worth how you're doin yourz

  4. best tip i can give is to buy expensive things for cheap whenever you see the chance from ppl that dont kno the items real worth then re-sell them for a higher price. rinse and repeat

  5. I just buy an r0 Transient Fortitude for 25p, and 12 Ayatan Ortas all together for 120p for the endo to rank it up to r10, then sell the mod for 200+p, and make a ~65p+ profit every time. I do this 2 times a day sometimes and I always like to hover around 400-500 plat in my inventory because at that point I can basically buy any single item or bundle I want in the game and just sell a few more Transients to get my plat back. No need for this 100k plat struggle lol.
    EDIT: I forgot to add this and don't know if people even care but since I'm on PC the communications go way faster than typing with the on-screen keyboard on consoles, and can make these trades in a fraction of the time, I assume.

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