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  1. CORRECTION: @2:16. I meant to say Xbox and PC, are exactly the same.

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  2. You also have to understand that because the prices of things are low the prices at which people will buy are low. You could also look at it from the perspective of inflation and the value of 1 plat on ps4 vs pc. 1 plat is worth more on ps4 as there is a smaller total pool of platinum in circulation as to pc. The only place the notion you get less out of your grind is on the ingame market which I think isn't the playerbase fault for not increasing their prices but DE's fault for not understand that having a smaller pool of platinum in circulation means less ability to get platinum. This is an oversight on DE's part, not the fault of the ps4 playerbase as it's only natural to have low prices to buy because everything is being sold for low as well, it's an unrealistic expectation and unfair to blame the playerbase.

  3. i think that the people that have been playing the game the longest are part of the big problem selling everything at low prices because they have plat and just want more

  4. It’s not complicated. Platinum doesn’t go on sale on ps4.

    On pc I’d always get a discount at least a couple times a week. Therefor platinum is worth more on ps4 due to rarity.
    Simple economics

  5. Some guy said me wanting to sell a Silva & Aegis set for 50p was overpriced and he could get one for 10. Ok buddy

  6. Ps4 is not that bad guys like you just need to work whit it like i stoped playing warframe for like 2 years came back had 0 plat now i have 900p a bunch of high plat riven a lot of prime vaulted non vaulted finaly tought work whit it

  7. This is cool and all but if we put our prices at the “normal” range of pc and Xbox then we would never make a sale because the stuff we are selling is being sold for much less by other people. The only way what your saying could work is if the video went out to every ps4 warframe player

  8. If anyone sees this comment and is on ps4 farm atlas right now you will make bank on these cheap mofos

  9. Some noob offered me 20p for volt prime on ps4 (he has been vaulted about a year as im typing this). I tell the noob that im selling volt fo 150p. He proceeds to type lol in the chat but a few moments later, "you're kidding, right?"

  10. As an update going into year 2020. People are begging and creating their own prices for what they are willing to pay because they know how desperate you are. 90 percent of all trades is WTS. I'm sitting in trade for almost all the time I have to play just to make 15 plat just gutting myself on high price items. The rest of my time I'm doing an hour a day running kuva survival so at the end of a week I can pray for a roll someone will be willing to pay more than 50 plat for.

  11. someone wanted to buy my wukong head for 5 plat and got bad that i wanted 10 plat because im being nice not to charge 20 come on bro

  12. It has advantages and disavantages…if you want to spend 30 bucks on a single frame on trade chat then this free game will get really expensive, but on ps4 (depending on the market) you can get more things with less money, witch is very good, but it also means you wont be making as much platinum for fashion frame, but you can always do what i do and only go for fashion frame when its on 75% discount…its not that bad like a few days ago i sold a chroma horned skull for 35 plat, and it was not easy as people saw it as very expensive, you need to have patience if you want to buy low and sell expensive and thats what people.want in all platform…but i think it is more a question of market then on platform, for example gaming pcs are more expensive than a ps4 witch means these people tend to have more money, witch means there is a tendency to have more plat on pc and that means that selling more expensive is not that big of a deal, more poor countries also reflect less platinum pool, in the brazilian market for example witch has a huge player base but is a kind of a poor country, it would be stupid to sell stuff at the price that sells in the american market for example, it is much better in that case to put prices at an affordable range for that region so that trade can.actually happen.

  13. I keep getting the people that I say WTS with a plat price and they try to pressure me into trading it for parts 😒

  14. 90 for saryn lol. People think every frame costs 30pl. Fucking little kids. This game should be age restricted.

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